In Italy and the Netherlands


This course is for both beginners and advanced students. We recommend that you attend for at least two weeks in order to complete a sculpture.
During the course you will learn how to work marble using hammer and chisel, angle grinder, various pneumatic tools, machine chisels, sanding and polishing tools and pastes. The choice of tools will depend on the stone used, the required end result and the stage of the work. The form and the various steps in the process are regularly discussed with you during the course.
Individual guidance means you can work at your own level, on your own sculpture. You won’t learn a particular technique until you actually need it.

You may bring a (small) gypsum or clay model, or a clear drawing of the work, to the studio. It is also possible to make this at the beginning of the course. If you do not have a gypsum model you can also work intuitively and be guided by the stone.

You will have the use of the studio's tools and machines during the course. You therefore only have to purchase the marble. If you have an angle grinder and/or air hammer please bring them with you.

Participation is entirely at your own risk. It is important to wear sturdy shoes (safety shoes preferred). Slippers or sandals and shoes with heels etc. should not be worn while working. Safety instructions must always be followed - during the course and while doing unsupervised work.

You can register for courses in Goor (Netherlands) and Pietrasanta (Italy).